EcoCradle™ Protects Steelcase Furniture

Steelcase Inc. is a global leader in office furniture. They are committed to creating the most sustainable office furniture and product supply chain possible. Steelcase first approached Ecovative in May 2009 with the challenge of replace their petrochemical based foam packaging. However, they weren’t willing to compromise on performance which would risk hurting their exceptionally low shipping damage rate. Throughout this development cycle, we’ve worked closely with Steelcase’s packaging engineers, sustainability experts, test labs, and marketing team to clear any doubts about our bio-composite materials. Ecovative was able to meet and exceed Steelcase’s stringent requirements for performance, environmental responsibility, and cost. We’re proud to be launching EcoCradle™ packaging with Steelcase Inc.

Press release:

Ecovative praised by head of EPA, as better strategy than more oil products

In remarks today at EPA’s 2010 Small Business Environmental Conference, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Lisa P. Jackson praised Ecovative:
“…at the very moment a massive spill is devastating families and businesses and destroying wetlands..”
“We also see innovative products like Greensulate from Ecovative Design in New York. Greensulate is a natural form of insulation made from locally-grown materials. They use rice hulls from the Midwest, or cotton burrs from the South – keeping costs and transportation emissions down. Unlike most insulation that gives off significant CO2 emissions during production, Greensulate is organically grown, not manufactured. And the idea began as a spark in the mind of an entrepreneur, an idea that moved from the drawing board to the market place with the help of a Small Business Innovation Research grant. “

Lecture at Yestermorrow Design/Build School

On June 30th at 7pm, Eben will be presenting at the Yestermorrow Design/Build School in Vermont. Eben will document the cradle-to-cradle mindset that drove the evolution of concept, design, experimentation, and production of his company’s “Greensulate” insulation material and “EcoCradle” packaging material, both of which are grown (rather than manufactured) from agricultural byproducts like seed husks and mushroom roots and are 100% compostable and biodegradable.