LAUNCH Selects Ecovative as Innovator for 2013 Systems Challenge

Ecovative is proud to announce that LAUNCH and its Founding Partners have selected Mushroom Materials as one of 10 Innovators for the 2013 Systems Challenge.

LAUNCH was founded in 2010 as a strategic partnership between NASA, NIKE, the U.S. Department of State, and the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Today, the challenge continues as a global initiative that supports innovations and ideas that will contribute to a sustainable future and solve urgent challenges facing our society.

Each year, LAUNCH challenges applicants to consider a different focal point for new solutions. According to LAUNCH’s statement, this year’s challenge, Systems, sought “innovations that will transform the system of fabrics to one that advances equitable global economic growth, drives human prosperity and replenishes the planet’s resources.” Ecovative will work with LAUNCH and the partnering organizations to accelerate opportunities to use mycelium technology for new materials and applications.

“LAUNCH represents an opportunity to elevate our newest material applications to exciting new markets beyond packaging,” said Sam Harrington, Director of Sustainability at Ecovative. “We are excited to explore how our latest lab innovations could be used with any of the sponsoring partners and change the world.”

We congratulate the additional 9 Innovators and look forward to collaborating: Ambercycle Recycling, Artificial Honey Bee Silks by CSIRO, BARKTEX by Bark Cloth Ltd, Benign by Design by University of California at Santa Barbara, Biocouture Ltd, Blue Flower Initiative by Eileen Fisher Inc, Flax Fibers by CRAiLAR, Geckskin by Felsuma LLC, Qmilk by Qmilch IP GmbH.

More information on the LAUNCH program and 2013 Innovators can be found online:

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