Unveiling the World’s First Mushroom® Surfboards

Green Island, NY, Sept 24 2013 – Ecovative to Unveil World’s First Mushroom® Surfboards

Next month, Ecovative, a New York based biomaterials company best known for its sustainable packaging materials, will reveal the first ever prototypes of Mushroom® Surfboards. Grown from patented material technology, the cores of these first generation boards are grown with Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified technology and made only in America. This new surfboard core technology will be on public display for the first time at The Boardroom Show in Costa Mesa, California, October 5th and 6th.

Ecovative’s Myco Foam material was first developed in 2007. Since its inception, Ecovative employees, customers, and fans alike have been dreaming of, and asking for, a surfboard made of Myco Foam.

Surfboard cores are typically shaped or molded from Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) or urethane foam. These petrochemical based materials are non-renewable, environmentally harmful, and will persist forever in a landfill. Rather than using traditional foamed plastic cores, Ecovative is growing replacement boards made of renewable materials.

With a core grown from agricultural waste and mycelium (the vegetative growth stage of a mushroom) these boards will eventually decompose when broken, discarded, or lost in the ocean, effectively reducing toxic marine debris. As an added bonus, Ecovative’s Mushroom® Surfboards offer a tunable stiffness to give surfers the options they desire.

Ecovative will premiere this radical new technology on Saturday, October 5th at The Boardroom Show in California. The Boardroom Show brings together “world-class surfboards, shapers, and the industry’s top brands showcasing the latest technology and design.” Ecovative will showcase its first generation surfboard blanks, and pursue collaboration with surfboard manufacturers to advance this sustainable technology.

For more information on Ecovative, please visit www.ecovativedesign.com
For more information about The Boardroom Show, please visit www.boardroomshow.com

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Melissa Jacobsen or Sam Harrington

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Tiny House Contends for Innovation Prize

We are thrilled to announce that Ecovative’s Mushroom Tiny House project, and the concept of grown-in-place Mushroom® Insulation, has been selected as one of 10 finalists for the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Prize!

144 applicants were screened by Cradle to Cradle certification experts, toxicologists from ToxServices, and building professionals from Make It Right. These judges selected 10 finalists who are now being considered for the $250,000 cash prize. The 10 finalists represent alternatives to a range of traditional building products, including insulation, paint, drywall, siding, roofing, and construction panels. Three winners will share the cash prize, with 1st place receiving $125,000, 2nd winning $75,000 and 3rd getting $50,000. The three winners will be announced on November 15th, 2013 at the Institute’s Innovation Celebration Gala in New York City.

For more information on the award and the 10 finalists: http://c2ccertified.org/challenge/finalists

Smithsonian Opens Voting For People’s Design Awards

Ecovative’s Tiny House has been anonymously nominated for the Smithsonian Cooper-Hewitt’s National Design Awards, which includes public selection for the People’s Design Award. The National Design Awards were conceived by the Smithsonian’s Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum to honor lasting achievement in American design. The Awards are bestowed in recognition of excellence, innovation, and enhancement of the quality of life.

We are honored to be included in the league of other prestigious designs and designers, and we are eager to continue developing Mushroom® Materials as a platform technology to improve the quality of life on Earth.

Public voting for the award takes place September 10 – October 11 at smithsonianmag.com/design-awards. You and anyone you know can vote once per day. Ecovative appreciates your vote and your willingness to join us in support of our mission.

Eben Bayer Returns to 2013 Green Challenge

This month marks five years since a major milestone in Ecovative’s growth – winning the Postcode Lottery Green Challenge in 2008 (video). This year, Eben Bayer will return to the Green Challenge to engage with organizers and contest finalists. In its annual competition, the challenge looks for products or services that combine sustainability, entrepreneurship, and creativity. One winner will be selected after the finalists present their ideas to an international jury of experts and audience of invited guests on September 16th in Amsterdam.

For Ecovative, winning the Green Challenge provided financial resources to scale our technology at a time that conventional VC investors were skeptical of its actual industrial implementation. In addition to the €500,000 prize, winning the Green Challenge meant a reputable validation of our efforts to significantly improve the world; this support was instrumental in moving forward as a company. Upon winning the award, Ecovative moved it’s offices and labs out of the RPI Business Incubator to expand its first prototype manufacturing facility in Green Island.

The Dutch Postcode Lottery is the Netherlands’ biggest, most popular charity lottery and supports 84 charity organizations, including UNICEF, WWF and Amnesty International. The Dutch Postcode Lottery operates from the belief that together we can make a big difference and works for a greener, fairer world by supporting charities in the Netherlands and abroad. The lottery has contributed more than €5 billion to its beneficiaries so far.

For more information, visit greenchallenge.info or follow @PLGreenChalleng on Twitter.

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Danish Design Center Features Mushroom Materials in “Darling Materials,” Designer Curated Exhibition

The Danish Design Center will include several samples of Myco Foam and Myco Board in its new collection, My Darling Materials. The DDC asked a selection of materials experts to choose their own material darlings, and designer Chris Lefteri selected Mushroom® Material as a top choice. While Myco Foam was previously featured and displayed in the Hello Materials Exhibition, the newly curated exhibit will also include Myco Board. This is the first public display of this new structural biomaterial anywhere in the universe. The exhibit will includes several display phases, sequentially building into a permanent collection at the DDC. Ecovative will be featured in the first round, from September 9th until December.

A statement from the Danish Design Center on “My Darling Materials and the Darling Collection“:

Of all the exciting new materials developed and introduced today, which are the leading experts’ favorites?

The Danish Design Center has asked its extensive network of materials experts from all over the world to contribute to a collection of their favorite materials. Each month, three experts will each choose three materials, and all nine will be displayed in the Design Society under the headline My Darling Materials. Subsequently, the three materials will be replaced by three new materials chosen by three other experts.

Over time, the many darling materials will form a permanent collection – the Darling Collection – in the Design Society. This collection will be used in workshops and as inspiration for partners and guests at the Design Society.