Ecovative and Danielle Trofe at World Maker Faire- limited edition GIY kit available!

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Who: Ecovative and Danielle Trofe

What: Grow It Yourself! at 6th Annual World Maker Faire

Where: New York Hall of Science, Queens

When: September 26 & 27 10AM – 6PM


Ecovative, an upstate New York biomaterials company, invites the public to experience Mushroom® Material technology first hand at the 6th Annual World Maker Faire in New York City. Visitors of the “Grow It Yourself!” booth will learn how to create their own projects and products with this Earth friendly material, and can even take home a limited edition Maker Faire GIY kit- complete with the Maker Faire Mascot mold to grow the material in!

Quantities are limited, so be sure to pre-order your kit today:

Ecovative uses mushroom tissue and agricultural wastes to create a safe foam-like material that is completely natural. To date, the company has successfully commercialized Mushroom® Packaging, a protective packaging product, and Myco Board, a toxic free engineered wood alternative.

The company’s newest product is called Grow It Yourself, and it enables anyone to purchase the raw material and create with it at home, in the classroom, or in a studio. Successful projects have been appearing all over the globe, and Ecovative is excited to share this revolutionary material with the attendees of the World Maker Faire.

Makers from Ecovative will be at the “Grow It Yourself!” booth to demonstrate how to create successful designs, including how to use 3D printing, found objects, and maker skills to work for your design. They will also demonstrate the benefits of working with sustainable materials, and enable attendees to get their hands dirty by playing with living Mushroom Materials.

Exciting projects will be displayed at the booth, including a showcase from Danielle Trofe, of Danielle Trofe Design. Trofe has successfully commercialized Mush-Lume lamps and Mush-Bloom planters, both grown from GIY Material, and is an expert at creating with Mushroom Material.

Please join Ecovative and Danielle Trofe at the Maker Faire to celebrate and explore creating with materials that are good for people and the planet.


Melissa Jacobsen-

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