Energy Globe Awards Top Honors to Ecovative for Category Earth

On February 4, 2014, Ecovative proudly accepted the Energy Globe Award in a ceremony in Salzburg, Austria. The competition includes 161 nations competing for awards in 5 categories: Earth, Fire, Water, Air and Youth. As the only project representing the United States, Ecovative was awarded the international prize for the Earth category, with other category finalists presenting projects from India, China, and Uzbekistan.

Ecovative’s Vice President of Business Development, Joe Risico, attended the prize ceremony, which was hosted by the Austrian Broadcasting Company and streamed live to the global public. The award’s recognition also includes a 10,000 Euro monetary prize and a trophy.

“We are honored to showcase Mushroom Materials at Energy Globe and to have won this prestigious award in the company of many other worthy applicants,” Risico said. “This recognition validates our belief that we are changing the planet for the better.”

Ecovative Vice President of Business Development Joe Risico (right) accepts the award from Anil Gupta. The Earth category seeks projects that provide conservation and sustainable solutions for responsible use of natural resources, including topics such as buildings, energy, and traffic. Image provided by Energy Globe.

Ecovative Vice President of Business Development Joe Risico (right) accepts the award from Anil Gupta. The Earth category seeks projects that provide conservation and sustainable solutions for responsible use of natural resources, including topics such as buildings, energy, and traffic. Image provided by Energy Globe.

During the ceremony, Ecovative was especially acknowledged for its commitment to ultra rapid renewable materials.

“Using renewable raw materials instead of petroleum products paves the way for sustainability,” said Professor Anil Gupta, Vice Chairman of National Innovation Fund India, who presented the award on Tuesday evening.

The Energy Globe competition, also known as “The World Award for Sustainability,” seeks to recognize individuals and organizations who are helping build the sustainable world of tomorrow.

About Energy Globe: “The ENERGY GLOBE Award is today’s most prominent environmental prize worldwide. It distinguishes projects regionally, nationally, and globally that conserve resources such as energy and utilize renewable or emission-free sources.” For more information, visit


Buckminster Fuller Institute Honors Ecovative With Socially-Responsible Design’s Highest Award

challenge press release header

Green Island, NY, Oct 22 2013 – Today, Ecovative is honored to be selected as the winner of the 2013 Buckminster Fuller Challenge. Now in its sixth year, The Buckminster Fuller Challenge recognizes bold, visionary, creative initiatives that take a comprehensive, anticipatory, design science approach to radically advance human well-being and the health of our planet’s ecosystems. The award is named after one of the most important futurists and visionaries of the 20th century and has been called “Socially-Responsible Design’s Highest Award.”

Ecovative proudly received the news in a congratulatory phone call this week and will accept the award, including the $100,000 cash prize, at a public ceremony at Cooper Union in New York City on November 18, 2013 at 7:00 pm. Winning the Buckminster Fuller Challenge is a top honor for Ecovative’s team.

“We answered the Buckminster Fuller Challenge because we believe in the power of our people to make a real, positive impact,” said Gavin McIntyre, co-founder and Chief Scientist at Ecovative. “Today, Ecovative looks forward to further answering Bucky’s challenge, as we continue to innovate mycological biomaterials and reach an ideal state, with social and environmental values considered equally with economics.”

In its public statement, the Buckminster Fuller Challenge review team and 2013 jury highlighted Ecovative’s comprehensive approach to solving “one of the most urgent, truly global environmental and social justice crises of our time.” The Buckminster Fuller Institute specifically recognized Ecovative for its closed loop production system using nature’s principles, a model for 21st century social enterprise, a broad-reaching material platform, and its continued commitment to education.

[Ecovative’s] approach, from inception to production, is an extraordinary example of the core tenets of The Buckminster Fuller Challenge’s entry criteria, which require the winning solution to be comprehensive, anticipatory, ecologically responsible, feasible, replicable, and verifiable. From the materials science underpinning their work to the commitment to rewrite the rules regarding the structure and financing of a startup company, Ecovative is a ground-breaking enterprise.

Excerpted from a full statement from the Buckminster Fuller Institute

Join us in celebrating the 2013 Challenge on November 18th, 2013 hosted by the Buckminster Fuller Institute at The Cooper Union Institute for Sustainable Design. The evening will feature a presentation by Ecovative and a keynote address by architect and world-renowned sustainability leader, John Picard. And new this year—Dan Hendrix, CEO of Interface, Inc., will be awarding additional support to one of the four finalists!

The award ceremony is a public event; guests can RSVP at

Small Business Administration Awards Tibbetts for Best SBIR

The Small Business Administration (SBA) has selected Ecovative as a 2013 recipient of the Tibbetts Award for excellence in Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR). Ecovative’s Chief Scientist, Gavin McIntyre, accepted the award in a ceremony at the White House on Thursday, May 16.

According to the SBA, a study conducted by R&D Magazine between 2002 and 2006 concluded that 25 percent of the annual Top 100 Innovations came from companies that had received SBIR funding. In 2008, Ecovative received its first SBIR grant. Over the past five years, the company has achieved extensive progress toward the development of cost competitive and environmentally preferable biomaterials. In these efforts and accomplishments, the company has been supported by diverse forms of private and commercial funding, including five SBIR grants, three of which led to Phase II programs. Partnerships have included government agencies, academic institutions, and commercial representatives. Ecovative attributes its past successes and future opportunities to the many strategic decisions that have moved forward under a common, strongly supported mission to produce material products that offer safer, higher performing, and economically competitive choices.

The Tibbetts Award honors companies and individuals who demonstrate top quality performance in high technology research and deliver progress. Roland Tibbetts, founder of the SBIR program, joined SBA Administrator Karen Mills and Senator Mary Landrieu, Chair of the Senate Small Business and Entrepreneurship Committee in presenting 18 company awards and 3 individual awards for the 2013 event. After five years of research in the SBIR program, Ecovative is proud to join the SBA and the other award recipients in receiving this honor.

Ecovative Wins EPA Grant


Ecovative has been awarded a Phase 1 Small Business Innovation Research (SBIR) grant from the US Environmental Protection Agency. This grant funds the development of Myco-material alternatives to plastics such as polyurethane and exotic woods like balsa. Ecovative will be exploring new fungal species and growth methods, and studying the resulting material properties. This research could lead to new material innovations that could have wide ranging applications from consumer products to aerospace.

The EPA has been a great supporter of Ecovative’s development, and has previously provided grants that lead to the commercialization of Mushroom® Packaging. If you want to know the history, check out this link the EPA SBIR program put together:

Ecovative Wins DEC’s 2012 Environmental Excellence Award

DEC Recognizes Seven Innovative Programs Working to Sustain NY’s Natural Resources and Strengthen the Economy

Ecovative and six other organizations received New York State Environmental Excellence Awards for innovative programs and outstanding commitment to environmental sustainability, social responsibility and economic viability, New York State Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) Commissioner Joe Martens announced yesterday.

“As the Cuomo Administration strives to build a new New York, these awardees today are doing just that by making a positive impact on our economy and improving and protecting our state’s environment,” DEC Commissioner Martens said. “Environmental stewardship requires all stakeholders to work in concert: businesses, not-for-profits, schools, municipalities, government and residents. That’s why the Environmental Excellence Awards are so important. Through them, DEC is able to showcase those who are leading by example.”

DEC established the awards program in 2004 to recognize those who are improving and protecting New York’s environment and contributing to a more healthy economy by advancing sustainable practices and involving creative partnerships. A statewide review committee, made up of 20 representatives from public and private sectors, advised DEC in selecting the award winners from an array of more than 60 applications received in May. For additional information about the Environmental Excellence Awards program and past winners, and to learn about applying for the 2013 awards, please visit DEC’s website.

Ecovative Wins RISE Award

Last month, Ecovative was awarded with the Durable Product Award at the RISE (Research, Innovation & Science for Engineered Fabrics) Conference in Baltimore, Maryland. Chief Scientist Gavin McIntyre and Environmental Director Sam Harrington accepted the award on behalf of the Ecovative team.

The RISE show brought together the global nonwovens/engineered materials value chain for two days of thought-provoking, boundary expanding discussions about the latest technical innovations and how they can be applied to help to create value-added, more competitive products. For more information, see

Focus Forward Film Competition Features Ecovative Founders and Technology

Ecovative has been highlighted in a short-length film. The film is a semi-finalist in the Focus Forward film competition, with a $100,000 grand prize awarded at the 2013 Sundance festival.

To see the video and cast your vote:

Focus Forward films highlight exceptional people and world-changing ideas that are impacting the course of human development, changing our lives for the better. The competition pits professional quality 3-minute stories about visionaries and thinkers and in some cases everyday folks who have brought a quantum leap to human progress by their efforts and inventions. Films encompass anything from jaw-dropping medical advancements to renewable energy breakthroughs; open-source architecture to the development of wireless technologies in Third World countries; computer programming wizardry to sci-fi-worthy robotics; or any other sphere of art and knowledge that inspires you. Focus Forward is especially interested in the accomplishments of inventors, engineers, educators, surgeons, scientists, techies, artists, programmers, backyard tinkerers—i.e. anyone making a difference, utilizing their skills and vision to innovate, share their work, and help sow the seeds of a brighter future.