Ecovative and Danielle Trofe at World Maker Faire- limited edition GIY kit available!

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Who: Ecovative and Danielle Trofe

What: Grow It Yourself! at 6th Annual World Maker Faire

Where: New York Hall of Science, Queens

When: September 26 & 27 10AM – 6PM


Ecovative, an upstate New York biomaterials company, invites the public to experience Mushroom® Material technology first hand at the 6th Annual World Maker Faire in New York City. Visitors of the “Grow It Yourself!” booth will learn how to create their own projects and products with this Earth friendly material, and can even take home a limited edition Maker Faire GIY kit- complete with the Maker Faire Mascot mold to grow the material in!

Quantities are limited, so be sure to pre-order your kit today:

Ecovative uses mushroom tissue and agricultural wastes to create a safe foam-like material that is completely natural. To date, the company has successfully commercialized Mushroom® Packaging, a protective packaging product, and Myco Board, a toxic free engineered wood alternative.

The company’s newest product is called Grow It Yourself, and it enables anyone to purchase the raw material and create with it at home, in the classroom, or in a studio. Successful projects have been appearing all over the globe, and Ecovative is excited to share this revolutionary material with the attendees of the World Maker Faire.

Makers from Ecovative will be at the “Grow It Yourself!” booth to demonstrate how to create successful designs, including how to use 3D printing, found objects, and maker skills to work for your design. They will also demonstrate the benefits of working with sustainable materials, and enable attendees to get their hands dirty by playing with living Mushroom Materials.

Exciting projects will be displayed at the booth, including a showcase from Danielle Trofe, of Danielle Trofe Design. Trofe has successfully commercialized Mush-Lume lamps and Mush-Bloom planters, both grown from GIY Material, and is an expert at creating with Mushroom Material.

Please join Ecovative and Danielle Trofe at the Maker Faire to celebrate and explore creating with materials that are good for people and the planet.


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Ecovative Supports New York Industrial Hemp

New York is taking its first steps toward regulating the growth of industrial hemp, joining 19 other states with sanctioned programs. Industrial Hemp – the plant Cannabis sativa L. with a delta-9 tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content no greater than 0.3% – can be transformed into a myriad of products ranging from cordage to automotive parts and yes, even Mushroom® Materials.

Ecovative supports the formation of the domestic industrial hemp industry. We have tracked the progress in our region and especially within New York. In our home state we are pleased to see that steps are being taken to execute a pilot program that allows institutes of higher education to conduct research on industrial hemp. New York already approved this pilot program. The next step is to pass the permissions and restrictions surrounding that program. If proposed regulations are passed, this research can entail anything from cultivation and harvesting methods to market development.

In addition, Ecovative supports the proposed legislation to add Part 159 to 1 NYCRR, which establishes regulations for research test-plots of industrial hemp. In its current form, the authorized institutes of higher education conducting the research can engage subcontractors to help with aspects of the project. It is Ecovative’s hope that this will allow the local agricultural community to be involved with the projects and learn best practices around growing industrial hemp. In a similar manner, material processors and commercial interests including Ecovative will hopefully be able to take part in these research programs. Early and active engagement by various stakeholder groups in the development of New York’s industrial hemp industry will help to demonstrate the utility of this material and these efforts can be used a framework for other states seeking to adopt similar legislation.

As a material processor, manufacturer, and product development company based in New York, Ecovative believes it is prudent to develop all three parts of the industrial hemp industry – crop growth, material processing, and finished product development. A comprehensive approach to develop will ensure the success of this industry, reducing the risk of delays we have seen in Canada’s development of its own industry.

Ecovative would be highly interested in participating in the appropriate studies to help develop material processing and finished product markets that will utilize New York-grown industrial hemp in the future. At Ecovative we are always on the lookout for new agricultural materials that can be grown and developed in our local region to the benefit of our farmers. This program will benefit the local agricultural community by proving out how a successful and economically feasible industrial hemp crop can be grown in New York. While there won’t be any Mushroom Materials made from New York-grown industrial hemp available anytime soon (the law prohibits the sale or distribution of any of the industrial hemp grown in the test plots), we believe authorizing this pilot program is a meaningful first step.

A public hearing will be held on Wednesday, May 20th at 11am at the office of the Department of Agriculture and Markets, 10B Airline Drive, in Albany. Ecovative will attend to show its support of the proposed legislation, and is expected to give testimony. We encourage you to join us at the hearing and show support for this statute.

-Katie Malysa

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The Path of Relevant Legislation:

The Agricultural Act of 2014 (also known as the farm bill) made it legal for states to establish research programs for industrial hemp. In December 2014 Governor Cuomo signed a hemp research bill thus creating an avenue for New York institutes of higher education to pursue test-plot studies relating to the growth of industrial hemp. At this time Commissioner of Agriculture and Markets Richard Ball is proposing legislation that would add Part 159 to 1 NYCRR and establish the regulations around the pilot program.

The Department of Agriculture and Markets drafted the proposed legislation earlier this year. Revisions were made based on feedback given at a meeting of the Industrial Hemp Work Group. The group consisted of representatives of higher education institutions that may be involved in the pilot program, Department members, and an Ecovative representative, among others.

A public hearing will take place on Wednesday, May 20th at 11am at the office of the Department of Agriculture and Markets, 10B Airline Drive, in Albany. Ecovative is expected to give testimony and show its support of the proposed legislation.

Industrial Hemp Products Information:

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Source: Johnson, Renee. Congressional Research Service Report “Hemp as an Agricultural Commodity”. 12 February 2015.

Join Ecovative and Danielle Trofe for a GIY demo in Brooklyn

Ecovative​ will team up with Danielle Trofe,​ a Brooklyn­-based designer, to demonstrate how Grow It Yourself​ Mushroom® Materials can be used to create objects and products from sustainable materials.

Mushroom® Materials are high performing, environmentally responsible alternatives to traditional plastic foams. Created by combining locally sourced agricultural byproducts and mushroom mycelium (essentially the root structure of mushrooms), these materials are grown using the power of nature. Mushroom Materials are able to achieve a variety of performance properties, making them an innovative and sustainable medium for designers and furniture makers.


Ecovative recently announced its Grow It Yourself (GIY) program, through which designers, students, innovators, and educators can purchase the raw Mushroom® Materials for a variety of applications. The program aims to empower anyone to experiment and grow products and designs using these compostable materials. GIY material will be sold on­site during the workshop at WantedDesign NYC Brooklyn.


Danielle Trofe​ will join Ecovative to show how she incorporates Mushroom® Materials into her design process to grow sustainable lamps and planters. Select products from her Mush­Lume and Mush­Bloom collections will be on display.


The workshop will provide a hands­ on experience in working with Mushroom® Materials. Instructions on how to create custom forms and tooling, as well as tips and tricks on how to grow a successful GIY project, will be demonstrated. All ages welcome.

The workshop will take place on Sunday, May 10th from 12pm­-2pm at 220 36th Street in Industry City, Sunset Park, Brooklyn.

Contact: Melissa Jacobsen at & Danielle Trofe at

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Ecovative Opens Second Manufacturing Plant in Troy, NY

New facility will advance Ecovative’s premium Mushroom® Packaging product and manufacturing innovation.

Green Island, NY– Ecovative is expanding its manufacturing with the opening of a plant in Troy, NY to produce its premium Mushroom® Packaging solution. From its new facility, the company will continue to supply customers with its high performing products while also continuing to innovate the specialized technologies designed to create Mushroom Packaging.

Ecovative will produce its blocking, bracing, and cushioning products, licensed to Sealed Air Corporation in North America as Restore® Mushroom Packaging, at the Troy facility. Ecovative employees will be producing this product on equipment custom-designed by Ecovative engineers.

“Our new Troy manufacturing plant will house the evolving technologies required to produce Ecovative’s innovative products at a scale necessary to meet our growing customer base. We are excited to bring more manufacturing to Troy and the region we call home,” Eben Bayer, CEO of Ecovative, said in announcing the company’s expansion.

Ecovative is maintaining its partnership with Sealed Air Corporation (NYSE: SEE), the leading packaging company in North America, which has partnered in the production of some Ecovative products for the past 3 years. Restore® Mushroom® Packaging will continue to be designed and sold through Sealed Air’s North American and global distribution networks.

At the 20,000 square foot facility, located at the Ross Valve Tech Park in the Troy neighborhood of Lansingburgh, Ecovative will convert its biological material grown at their nearby Green Island, NY facility into the final packaging product. The close proximity of the company’s two facilities, along with access to local agriculture suppliers, will allow Ecovative to meet its efficient supply chain goals.  Ecovative’s Troy plant, expected to be operational by mid-2015, will be the site for continuous improvement of manufacturing design, with a particular focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.

“As a sixth generation manufacturing company, founded in 1879, we share Ecovative’s commitment to Troy and the Capital Region.” said Andy Ross, CEO of Ross Valve. “Ecovative’s decision to move its sustainable manufacturing into the Ross Valve Tech Park in Troy will be an excellent addition to the community.”

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Eben Bayer and Gavin McIntyre featured on Forbes 30 under 30 list

We are thrilled to announce that Eben and Gavin have made the 2015 Forbes 30 under 30 list! This list, now in its 4th year, highlights some of the top innovators, entrepreneurs, and game changers that are under the age of 30.

Ecovative is featured under the Manufacturing category- a new addition to the list of categories since last year’s list.

Read the full announcement from Forbes here:

Ecovative is even featured as a 2015 Standout!

Be sure to check out the announcements from the other categories, including Science and Gaming, to name a few.

Thank you to everyone who nominated Ecovative for this list, and thank you to the Forbes team for making this a great experience for us. Keep an eye on our social media for upcoming links to the video interview Forbes conducted at our Green Island facility!

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Update: visit for a complete list and to view our video interview

Mushroom® Packaging to Premiere Internationally at Interpack

Green Island, NY, May 2, 2014–

New York-based Ecovative offers Mushroom packaging, a Cradle to Cradle Gold Certified alternative to conventional plastic packaging. While many renewable packaging materials are made from plants, Ecovative is harnessing a kingdom that’s never been considered for materials: Fungi. This radical new technology has been proven in the US with customers such as Dell, Steelcase, and Crate & Barrel, and is now being launched globally. Mushroom® Packaging will be showcased in Dusseldorf, Germany at Interpack 2014, May 8-14th.

Mushroom Packaging, is made using two inputs: agricultural byproducts like corn stalks, and the root structure of mushrooms, called mycelium. No petrochemicals or plastics are part of the final product. This combination of mycelium and agricultural waste binds together to form a high performing and cost competitive custom-molded bio-composite, engineered to protect your product. As the last step of the process, Mushroom Materials are heat treated to stop the growth process and to ensure no spores or allergens are produced. Unlike plastic foams that are challenging to recycle and are often landfilled, Mushroom Packaging is home compostable, adding nutrients to the soil in your local neighborhood.

Ecovative has created a turn key manufacturing packaging that can be deployed in all areas of the globe, including Europe. Research with the US Department of Agriculture has created a foundation for a scalable material platform, making use of local agricultural waste streams, and benefiting local economies. Packaging produced today in the United States is based on corn stalks, while international facilities will utilize other local, plant waste feed stocks, such as rice and wheat straw. Mushroom® Packaging reduces dependence on fossil fuels, is good for the planet, and most importantly, will help keep your product safe on its destination to the customer.

Today, Mushroom® Packaging is being produced in North America through a partnership with the Sealed Air Corporation. This partnership has recently led to a new state of the art Mushroom Packaging manufacturing facility in Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Sealed Air, with support from Ecovative, is currently growing packaging products for various Fortune 500 companies and industry leaders.

Ecovative is now ready to launch Mushroom® Packaging to the European market. Members of the company will be showcasing its revolutionary packaging technology at Interpack 2014 in Dusseldorf, Germany at booth #12/C07-9 in the USA Pavilion. Ecovative is thrilled to be attending Interpack for the first time and excited to share with customers and potential partners the value that Mushroom Packaging can bring to Europe.


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